Về chúng tôiI’m very passionate about getting the word out there — telling people not to use harsh products on their skin.

I’m Kimberly Ho. In 1990, I was searching for good products for my own skin and for my family and friends. I had discovered that many skin products caused hyperpigmentation, so I discontinued using them and began looking for safe products. I knew that good skin products should not hurt or damage your skin but should keep you looking young and healthy.

But what I was seeking I couldn’t find for sale anywhere. Armed with a doctorate degree in Pharmacology and a post-doctorate in research, I began to research, create, and test all-natural products of my own. They were not just all-natural — they were based on a thorough understanding of the needs of the skin, and what substances damaged skin is deficient in, so the products could provide and restore those things.

People should start as early as possible using gentle skin products to maintain the health of their skin.

It has taken years of research and testing to produce the Apogée Skin Care™ line that we have today. Ours are the alternative aesthetic care products: pharmaceutical-grade, all-natural, and designed to feed and strengthen the skin, whether it is healthy or it has become damaged due to harsh chemicals or aging. The line includes products for a range of purposes, from protecting healthy skin to reversing serious aesthetic problems.

  • Basic skin care: keeps your skin young and healthy at any age
  • Acne care:  gives acne the gentle care it needs, and addresses the root cause by deep-cleaning the 20,000 delicate facial pores
  • Sensitive skin: handles red, irritated, dry, excessively sensitive skin and brings it back to health if it has been damaged
  • Hyperpigmentation: Where the skin has dark spots they are not necessarily from excessive sun; they are a sign of damaged skin.
  • Aging or early aging: Using products or medications that contain harsh ingredients can cause early wrinkles and pigmentation, sagginess and aging of the skin. When the skin returns to health it will look younger.

You can stop your skin from worsening. And it’s never too late to bring it back to health.

A skin condition must be promptly cared for and corrected so there is no further damage. I work to help people remove the root causes of their skin problems.

The biggest problem, actually, is that people don’t know how to choose one skin care product from another! They tend to self-treat their skin, and their search for instant results leads them to choose products with some pretty harsh ingredients.

We work to educate people, as we talk with them, about avoiding skin damage from the harsh ingredients or chemicals that are in many beauty products, and even in prescription skin medications.

Gentle is what works best for your skin

Gentle Apogée Skin Care products are sold through my skin care clinics in five major cities, and over the years, users of our products have become real advocates for them. Many of these people have referred their friends or family to us.

Now I’m offering an opportunity to these old friends as well as to new ones

  1. To help me educate more people for better skin health
  2. To turn your desire to help and refer others into a profession
  3. To benefit from a very lucrative compensation plan.